Qernal [ kur-nl ]

The Cloud Kernel

Qernal is a set of tools and services that empower developers and their teams to deliver software to the cloud in a simple and cost effective way.

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Our Benefits

  • Region unlocked

    Region unlocked

    Globally distribute with ease - run your code like a CDN

  • Cloud Agnostic

    Cloud Agnostic

    Our platform leverages multiple providers, making your app available anywhere, anytime

  • No unexpected bills

    No unexpected bills

    Scale in blocks of capacity instead of guessing at your next bill

  • Support


    Help when you really need it

  • Polyglot


    Write your code in any language - we’ll run it or a thousand “its” - you choose

  • Serverless


    Focus on developing your app, not your infrastructure - that's our job

  • CI/CD Integration

    CI/CD Integration

    We deploy when you make a change

  • Managed Security

    Managed Security

    Proactive analysis before you deploy to make security simple